ect: Euler Characteristic Transform in Python

Python computation tools for computing the Euler Characteristic Transform of embedded graphs.

Table of Contents


Right now, the content includes stuff for doing ECT on graphs embedded in 2D. Eventually the goal is to get voxel versions, higher dimensional simplicial complexes, etc in here.

For more information on the ECT, see:

Elizabeth Munch. An Invitation to the Euler Characteristic Transform. arXiv:2310.10395. 2023.

Getting Started

Documentation and tutorials


  • networkx

  • numpy

  • matplotlib

  • numba


The package can be installed using pip:

pip install ect

Alternatively, you can clone the repo and install directly

git clone
cd ect
pip install .


This code was written by Liz Munch along with her research group and collaborators. People who have contributed to ect include:


This project is licensed under the GPLv3 License - see the License file for details

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